Thanks for the Giving is a live stream featuring giveaways, entertainment, and interviews to raise funds for Cast Members and Team Members affected by the recent layoffs due to the pandemic.

The goal is to walk away with zero profits. Everything being given away was donated by wonderful, wonderful people. We are not an official charity, just a few people wanting to do good to people who are in a rough place right now. We are here to support Cast Member Pantry as well as furloughed and laid off Team Members.

The money raised will be split 50/50. Half of the proceeds will be given directly to Cast Member Pantry. The other half will be held and distributed to Team Members via different charities. In a perfect world, we’d love to be able to give an unending amount of money to every single hospitality worker who is in need currently. We will continue to be transparent with every single cent when we can certify how the distribution will work for the Team Members.

To donate to Cast Member Pantry directly, you can find their Donation page here.

To donate to Thanks for the Giving directly:


Visit the Thanks for the Giving eBay page, where you’ll be able to bid on random items. All monies collected from winning bids will be donated to Cast Member Pantry and other charities.

Make sure to check out the livestream on November 21 at 7PM Est on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook!